Monday, 15 March 2010

My first magazine restaurant review!

This week i did my first paid restaurant review for a magazine, and went along to the Blue Ball Inn on Exmoor. It was a strange mix of work and pleasure, probably more work than I'd perhaps anticipated, sitting there frantically scribbling notes on a pad while a succession of people; the owners, the chef, staff, customers, all came over to talk to me and give me their story and ideas about the place. The food was great, I had a real homemade steak pie with fresh vegetables that had never been anywhere near a freezer, let alone a can, and sipped a couple of glasses of nice, easy to drink white wine. I guess the hardest part of the evening happened a bit later on when i sat down and had to condense all the information into just 600 words - not an easy task. However, i would highly recommend it, and if you're planning a trip west, it's well worth considering and can be found at
Alternatively, of course, you can read my full review in Devon Life Magazine, the link to which i will put up just as soon as it's published.


  1. Published author and restaurant reviewer (read critic).. being paid to eat out, what a fantastic wheeze!!
    Look forward to reading the piece to see how it compares to when we ate there.

  2. Sounds like an ideal way to earn money!