Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My tribute to Richard Briers

Monday was a sad day.  I honestly couldn't even begin to count the number of times I've watched The Good Life.  Watched, and laughed, and shaken my head, and laughed some more.

I don't know if it's because I'm now pretty much self sufficient myself, but the program just didn't seem to date.

And leading it, was Tom Good.  Richard Briers.

I remember watching it in the 70's as a small boy, sitting in a semi in a street of similar houses, laughing at it.

Now, as a slightly larger man, i find myself watching reruns and laughing with it.

Richard Briers gave self sufficiency a face.  And a smile.

And a whistle - he always seemed to be whistling.

His enthusiasm and his energy for a lifestyle that at the time seemed so odd, opened the door for people like me. Now, we all recycle, green energy is a hot topic, veg plots and chickens in the garden practically the norm.

If you want to know the technical side of self sufficiency, watch Hugh Fernely-Whittingstall.  But if you want to know the emotional side, how it feels to be self sufficient, and more importantly, how it feels to be in a relationship and self sufficient, then watch the Good Life.  It's truer than you could possibly imagine.

Gone, but never forgotten, Richard Briers.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Pigs in Clover

My new book - what do you think of the cover, isn't it great!

Honestly, the months of writing it, the year of build-up (the manuscript was submitted and accepted by the publisher over a year ago), and then suddenly you click on Amazon and there it is (see it here) is just an amazing feeling.  In fact, the day it went live it went straight in at 6,000 on the Amazon bestseller rank, which considering it's not out until June is pretty amazing!

I do feel so lucky, especially as i sent a copy of the manuscript to Len Goodman from Strictly who read it and gave me the wonderful quote, "It's a ten from Len!" which is now on the back cover.

It's a really exciting time, though I've a feeling life's about to get crazy busy!

Now more than every i need good podcasts to chill out to.  Here's this week's recommendation:

I love this podcast, you've got to check it out here