Sunday, 4 April 2010

The self sufficiency bible is out!

Of course I understand this is a blog about my self sufficient lifestyle, but right now my whole life is dominated by my book coming out, and come out it has! Anyone who has ever dreamed of writing a book will have wondered how it would feel to wander into a branch of Waterstones or WHSmiths and found their book on the shelf. That's the dream I had, anyway.
It's got something to do with feeling that I've achieved something.
It's got something to do with Debbie, and my mum, and my family and how they see me.
It's got everything to do with sharing my passion for a lifestyle that at its most simplistic, living close to animals and nature and growing or making what I need, and at its most complex, the daily struggle to survive financially and emotionally, is just so rewarding and (most of the time)such fun.
It's funny, but sitting here I can't think of another way of life that is so enriching. Of course that's subjective, and of course I understand that someone else will have an entirely different point of view and would hate to live the way I do, and that's fine, that's how it should be, but for me, living as self sufficiently as I reasonably can and at the same time sharing many of my discoveries and understandings in a published book, this is everything I have ever wanted. I really am very lucky.
So how does it feel to see your book on the shelf of Waterstones and in the front window? Absolutely bloody marvelous! Scary as hell too, but bloody marvelous none the less.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to drop by and post on my blog. Congratulations on having your book published, an amazing achievement !

  2. Congratulations Simon, It must have been an Amazing experiance standing next to the shelf by YOUR book!!!! Brilliant!
    Sandra in Barnstaple

  3. Got the book and enjoying it, well done Simon
    Will have to get you to sign it when we see you later in the year ;)

  4. Woking seems to have totally sold out, a good job I pre-ordered on Amazon!

    Amazed by the breadth of coverage in the area of cosmetics and hygeine products... especially 'feminine issues', facial treatments and shampoos (? I've seen the photo's...)... a man in touch with his feminine side and skin like a new born piglet's! ;-)

  5. Congratulations Simon! It must be a great feeling to see your hard work come to fruition. Good to see it in a prominent place in the shop window!