Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Just hatched chickens

These little chickens had just battled their way out of the shell in the incubator about 10 minutes ago, when i took them out and carefully placed them under a heat lamp to start drying out.

The biggest one is about an hour older.


  1. Do you prefer to remove them straight away?

    I aways leave newly hatched chicks in the incubator for several/possibly 24 hours to dry out completely and also to keep the humidity stable for any yet to hatch chicks.

  2. Hi Sandra,

    Yes, to be honest I do like to remove the chicks straight away. It seems to work well for me that way. I know there are lots of different ideas and methods, i even know someone who removes the eggs from the incubator before they hatch - not something i would attempt. To a certain degree, i think it's a choice thing, and so far removing the chicks seems to work well for me - all chicks currently thriving and happily cheeping away like mad!

  3. I didn't mean to sound critical, just interested in different ways of doing things and trying out different ways that people have found works best for them.

    I like the idea of a seperate hatcher where the eggs are moved on day 18 but haven't quite got there yet.

    What breed are your chicks ?

  4. I'm really excited about the breeds of these chicks. I've got a motley crew of hens, lots of ex-batts, a couple of Colombian Blacktail, Sassos, Black Rocks, that sort of thing, but my cockerel is a Jersey Giant so i'm hoping the offspring will be duel purpose!

    This is only my first year of hatching with the incubator, which is why i tried to be very careful and say this is just the method that works well for me, and like you, i'm very keen on listening to others for ideas on what they have found works for them.

    What are your breeds?

  5. This is my first year of serious breeding, although I've always kept poultry of some kind. I am trying to establish a laying flock of Welsummer, another of Exchequer Leghorn and trying out a 'table bird' flock using an Indian Game cockerel and various heavy breed hens far the Ixworth and Australorp crosses are looking most promising but the proof will be in the eating - still a few months to go yet.

    I have heard good things about Jersey Giants, I will be really interested in the outcome of your chicks.

    How do you find Sassos..worthwhile or do you think the traditional breed more successful?

  6. oooh errr, not remotely coming to talk knowledgably about chickens....we inherited some when we lived up on the moor (btween Exford and Winsford) along with guinea fowl - and they just did their own thing!
    just waving really and saying thank you for commenting on mine....
    Whereabouts are you? Sounds like the Devon side?

  7. Hi Exmoorjane,
    Yes, i'm on the Devon side, just by Lynton and Lynmouth - not that far away from Exford. YOu're lucky to have chickens doing their own thing, mine seem to demand more and more attention from me!
    I confess I've only recently discovered your superb blog (bit slow on the uptake), but was amazed by the number of books you've written. Where do you find the time?
    "Waving back"

    Hi Sandra,
    I love the Welsummers and Leghorns! Also very interested to see how your crosses turn out. To be honest, similar I imagine to you, I think I'm always keener on the traditional breeds, but somehow I seem to have ended up with a real mixed bag along the way.