Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I am listening to the most amazing autobiography by Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones. That man should not be alive; the things he's done! That's one wild, amazing man, and what i love about the book is it's so honest and frank, sure he's had some great times, lots of great times in fact, but he's been through hell too.

The book is an audio book, unabridged and read by Johnny Depp, this other guy who sounds like Keith Richards, and Richards himself. It's a great, great book.

I've started listening to a lot of unabridged books recently, and it's made a big difference to me mostly i guess because I'm out working on the farm a lot. I've got this old MP3 player and i download a book and it keeps me going. I'd be lost without it, to the point that I've become a champion for Audible, which is the audio book arm of Amazon.

As a champion i get to offer friends and people who know me a free audio book which you can't get through their regular site. Here's the link

If you can remember a time as a kid, walking to school and day-dreaming about buying a guitar and starting a band and getting a gig and touring and getting laid and having a wild time, then get Life by Keith Richards, because he did it for all the rest of us who went on and got boring jobs.

If that doesn't appeal, then i think there are something like 50,000 other titles to choose from - if you find a good one, please let me know.


  1. I've never fancied audiobooks but I might consider it just to have Johhny Depp talking to me ;) Mo

  2. Hi Simon, I investigated and was tempted enough to download Jilly Cooper's new book (really sad I know!) but it's great value as it's really long, was split into three parts of 9 hours each! I'm expecting a baby in June and thought that maybe I'd get a chance to listen to it then - I'm told this is wishful thinking! Anyhow, I went to cancel my account as there's no way I'll have time to listen to anything else, and was offered a £5 voucher if I stayed. I graciously accepted and have gone on to download six chilcren's stories (from 39p each) to play to baby, a great selection of classics, so I'm pleased! Thanks for the tip! :)

  3. No, downloading JUMP is not sad at all, that was the next book i got - I'm three quarters of the way through and loving it (i don't care, I love Jilly Cooper!). Massive congrats on imminent new addition, and I'm so pleased it worked out so well with the audible books :-)