Tuesday, 1 November 2011

BBC Radio Devon!

I know what you're thinking, the only time i blog is when it's connected with the Shep and Jo show, and at the moment you're right, but it's only because i'm struggling to get so many things done before December, not least of all finish writing my book.

Well, it's written!!!!!!!!!!!!

All i need to do is spend a couple of weeks polishing it, and it's done *phew!*

Normal blog service will soon be resumed. Thanks for putting up with me.

In the meantime, dad, dad, darrrrrr...

The lovely Shep and Jo have allowed me on their show once more, it was at 3.30 today (here's the link to listen again if you missed it http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p005xcng).

We talked about:

Sloe Gin & Rose Hip Syrup

First, Sloe Gin

1lb Sloes
300g sugar
1 bottle of gin

Sloes are the berries from a hawthorn tree. Traditionally you pick them after the first frost, but actually you can pick them right now and replicate that frost by popping the sloes in the freezer over night.

So you've got your sloes.

Then take the bottle of gin and empty the contents into a bowl or jug. In the empty gin bottle, put the sloes - they should go about two thirds up (one third from the top). Add the sugar, then tip the gin back in right up to the top. Put it into a cupboard and forget about it.

It will be ready for this Christmas, but even better next Christmas!

Decant to drink.

But don't discard the gin soaked sloes!

Because, next, make Sloe cider

On top of the gin infused sloes, poor cider - cheap cider is fine - to the top and leave for a week. Sloe cider is brilliant, you've got to try it!

Again, don't discard the sloes!

The sloes now have been marinated in lovely gin and lovely cider. Take them and sivve them to make a beautiful topping for dinner party ice-cream (dinner party or in front of Strictly on a Saturday night).

Rose Hip Syrup

Rose Hips are in season right now. They're the fruit of the rose; when the bud dies, the fruit flourishes.

Rose Hips are so good for you...

There is more Vitamin C in a couple of Hips than in over twenty oranges!

Make a syrup, but ensure to strain through muslin cloth to remove all the fibres because, as every mischievous boy will know, the fibres are itching powder!

Rose Hip Syrup is good for:

Or, Marmalade

Healthy and versatile!

More blogging coming soon...

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