Thursday, 14 June 2012

Day one of a new enclosure

This is day one (actually, hour one) of pigs having been moved into a new enclosure in the woods.  Check out the New Girl - she's the very pretty kune-kune (who doesn't like a woman with tusks?).

The enclosure is more than 3,000 square metres in size, and is utter luxury for pigs, bless 'em!

I need to thank the Environment Agency for their help, advice, support and for supplying the fencing materials that made this new area possible - it's the first of four new areas in the woods.  If you have read bad things about the Environment Agency, rethink your ideas, and if you need advice and support, contact them. 

So this is it, a three minute video of pigs in woods.  Sorry about the poor quality, the sun was shining and we're not used to that on Exmoor - oh, and look out for the twelve visitors halfway through.


  1. Brilliant! Our kunekune have just had piglets...oh how I wish I had this much space for my two! Well done, love your blog btw - Jacqui

    1. Thank you, they do charge about like little podgy racehorses :-)

      I'm glad you like the blog, hopefully things will calm down enough that i can write a new post - it's well overdue!