Friday, 18 January 2013

It's a snowing!

Yep, we might have had a green Christmas, but we're having a white January, and here on Exmoor we're getting it bad.

Actually we had plenty of warning so i had the chance to bed everything down really well, so much so that when i went to see if the pigs were okay yesterday, I couldn't see them they were so snuggled in under the straw.

My only worry, my only kind of concern, is Georgie, my horse.  She's a chestnut mare; a fiery red headed female with permanent PMT - lovely to look at, but scary as hell to be around when she's pissed off.  And yesterday, she was pissed off, mainly because she couldn't go out and had to stay safe and warm in her stable.

I thought i was doing the right thing.  She, on the other hand, thought i was being wicked and cruel not letting her out to play, and the crazy thing is, if i had let her out all she'd have done is hang about by the gate waiting to come back in.  Honestly, there's just no pleasing some people.

Solly, however, did go out and had his first experience of snow - Opinion: it's not as edible as you might think, you know. 

One clue to the weather being particularly bad is when my neighbours phone and say, "um, I seem to have only cheap nasty bread in the house - don't know how that happened - and i can't get to the shops because it's horrible out there.  Any chance you could make me a loaf?"

When it's cold out there is nothing like the smell of fresh baking bread (really quick and easy bread recipe is in an earlier post - you've got to try it!)

Podcast of the moment
Last week i thought I'd try this new feature, mainly because i listen to so many podcasts and some of them are fantastic.

This week it's got to be:

  It's life according to Daniele Bolellie, and while i don't agree with everything he says, it's still a brilliant listen.  Here's the link   If you have a podcast recomendation, please do let me know.

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