Sunday, 2 June 2013

This is it, it's out this week!

Blimey, my book is out this week

Actually it's been available on Amazon for a few days, but officially it's out on 6th June. That's when it hits the shops,

How does that feel?

Terrifying.  And exciting.

I'm having a book launch at Waterstones in Barnstaple (North Devon) on the 6th June at 6pm until about 8ish. Debbie and I are going to do some finger food from our smallholding, so it'll sort of be have a taste of out life and then you can read about it! I'll be signing books and there all evening.

If you can make it, it would be great to see you there.

It's going to be available everywhere, but here's the Amazon link HERE

The book was featured in the Daily Mail, and is going to be in the July issues of Country Smallholding and Devon Life magazines, both out this week, along with an interview in the North Devon Journal.

Yep, terrifying, and exciting.


  1. Hi, some time back when catching up on some reading at Over the Gate forum, I read a thread about you book. I bought it and finally got around to reading it. Oh how I enjoyed it, I laughed until I cried, sobbed quite a bit too as I know what it's like when you lose an animal. It does make you question what you do, we have an 8 acre lifestyleblock (smallholding) here in NZ, tried living the self sufficiency dream and as you mention in your book, it can be exhausting work. After a while we toned it down considerably to something we could manage easily, that fit into the new lifestyle we have come to love since moving here nearly 10 yrs ago from the UK. You both are living your dream, good on you for that and thank you for sharing it in your book. **goes off to wipe eyes..again!** I feel strangely emotional now I've finished it. I think a cuddle with my animals is in order...perhaps when it stops raining! ;-D

  2. Awe, that's so nice, thank you! It sounds as though you've got it sussed out there :-)

  3. Best book of 2013!
    I bought this book to cheer my hubby up after a rough year, it did the trick. Then I read it and laughed and cried, and didn't want the book to end!
    I also took my hat off to both of you for presenting a realistic account of what smallholding is really all about. Any romantic fantasies me the Hubby may have had of doing something similar disappeared very quickly! I still fancy a few hens (memories of Granny's farm in Ireland) in the future and we love growing our own veg etc. Now to buy your other book and who knows hopefully go on one of your courses.
    Thanks for writing it, you are both awesome!

  4. Hi Elly, Oh that's so kind (sorry it's taken a few days to respond, broadband's been down at home - the joys of Exmoor!). I hope your hubby's rough year gets better soon.

  5. Reading pigs in clover over 2015 Xmas break. Its made my holiday .... I've laughed out loud and shed lots of tears . Just a fantastic book. Just so in awe of you both . Hope your both well. X